ElkShape Podcast EP 18 Steve Speck

April 16, 2018

Today we talk to Steve Speck about his journey in entrepreneurship.  You will definitely appreciate Steve's take on hustling and researching until you get it right.  A lot of times there isn't a playbook to follow when it comes to making your ideas come to life.  Steve is no stranger to late nights and working hard to get where he wants to go.  Steve Speck is a young guy but has a great mindset when it comes to business and making products better.

We dive into Steve's background and how he got his start in the hunting industry.  Steve has quite the start going from opening his own archery shop out of his garage, to developing his own online archery store called S & S Archery.  Then he developed his own broadhead line called Solid Broadheads which he later sold to a big company.  Steve has made his own hunting videos with Pure Elevation Productions, and now created his backpack company with his buddy Lenny called Exo Mountain Gear.  This guy is unreal!

I find people with strong work ethics and determination to be fascinating.  Steve is that guy and he drops knowledge on how to become a leader and how to start your own business.  Hope you enjoy!

EXO Mountain Gear

Pure Elevation Productions

Solid Broadheads

S & S Archery